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Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Birthday Party Catering Mornington Peninsula Insider Knowledge Included

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You’ve picked the date, the invitation list has been finalised, now all that’s left to do is enjoy the party, right?   Well, almost!

To ensure your guests have a great time and you are able to relax there’s a few more things to tick off the to-do list before you get your dancing shoes on. And most importantly?

Choosing the very best menu for your birthday party catering. The Mornington Peninsula offers an abundance of high-quality meat and fresh produce so we are spoilt for choice!


Fact: enjoying food together is an experience that creates connections between people-and a birthday party is the perfect place to celebrate, catch-up and dig in to a delicious meal. Here’s our guide to selecting the perfect catering for your next birthday party.

Get an accurate number of guests              

When planning a large event, it can be useful to send out save-the-date cards so that your guests get a heads up that a special get-together is scheduled. Requesting RSVP’s at least 3 weeks before your party will ensure that you have an accurate number of guests who will be attending. Although developing your menu will be well on the way by this point, it really is the final element in making sure everything runs smoothly on the day.  

Ask advice from your personal chef

Here at Some Guy’s Food, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table (literally!) If you would like suggestions on how much food to cater for each guest then we can step in and help.

Appetites may vary but once we know the time of your event and how many people will be attending, we can ensure that no one will go home hungry!  

Consider making use of Mornington Peninsula produce

The Mornington Peninsula makes catering for birthday parties an absolute pleasure. From connecting with local businesses, meeting the farmers and selecting ingredients that are grown right here we count ourselves extremely lucky. Our clients do too!

One of our favourite suppliers is Benton’s Rise. Have you visited the family owned farm gate market in Tuerong in Victoria?

Their philosophy of paddock to plate really inspires us to create menus based on in-season produce for our clients to enjoy. This connection to the Mornington Peninsula community is one of the reasons Some Guy’s Food is such a popular choice for locals.

Stockton’s Coolstore in Somerville is another supplier we regularly use. If you have ever driven down Frankston-Flinders Road then chances are you have passed the yellow and green road-side grocery store.

Stockton’s is a traditional greengrocer sourcing many products from the local growers. When a menu calls for something produced outside of Victoria (but still within Australia) then this is our go-to supplier.

Choose your event style

Relaxed backyard get-together or formal dining inside? Identifying the type of event not only ensures a consistent theme in your styling, it will also help you to select your menu and catering options.

Our rule of thumb is to consider the size of your guest list and the size of your space and develop your event from there.

Some Guy’s Food can talk you through all of your options and help you pick the perfect birthday party catering for your event.  


Let us take the hard work out of birthday party catering on the Mornington Peninsula for you.

Get in touch via our contact page or give Guy a call directly on 0452 220 272 For more insights into planning your perfect event, be sure to read our 5 top tips right here  

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