Planning a Dinner Party?

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Planning a Dinner Party?

Mornington Peninsula has you covered. We source many of our ingredients from right here on the Mornington Peninsula. All the peninsula farmers and suppliers that we have access to means we can use fresh, ethically sourced produce while supporting local business. We believe that when we support family run enterprises or small business within our community then everyone benefits! Besides, the Mornington Peninsula really is home to some world class products and services so why look elsewhere?

If you’re planning a dinner party then the Mornington Peninsula can offer you anything and everything that you may need. Take a look at some of our favourite suppliers right on our doorstep.


The Boneo flower farms are home to some of the most incredible native flowers in Victoria. If you are imagining your dinner table adored with blushing King Proteas or bright banksia then choosing to purchase from a local florist is a must. Many flower suppliers on the Peninsula subscribe to the slow flower movement. Just like ethical fashion, this ensures that the flowers are grown right here rather than flown in.

Our pick of the bunch?

Peninsula Wild Flower. Affordable, beautiful and a familiar presence at all the Mornington Peninsula market, these Australian Native flowers are set to make a lasting impression. Click here for more information *insert this link:*

Decorative candles

Fairy lights and lanterns can transform a backyard into a wonderland for your event however if you are dining inside, then table candles are a must. Not only do they help to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, they are also a fun and accessible way to express your personality.

Which candle supplier lights us up?

Peninsula Dreaming. Inspired by the surrounding bays and bushland, each glass candle holder is hand blown to create a one-of-a-kind piece. The coconut soy ensures they are as good as they smell. To take a look at the collection for your next dinner party on the peninsula, head to the website here: *insert link*

Statement pieces

Flower photo walls and balloon canopies have become a popular must-have for larger dinner party celebrations. When it comes to large, statement decoration then quality is a must.

Our choice?

Pimp My Balloons. This Mornington based business has balloon installations down to a fine art. We love them because each balloon is made from 100% biodegradable rubber protecting our natural surrounds. Find out more about having your very own balloon sculpture here: *insert link *


Not everyone is as lucky as us to live on the Mornington Peninsula. Fortunately, there are many accommodation options to choose from to suit those visiting for your event. Be it a couple’s retreat or something more family friends, a beach-side getaway is the perfect addition to your dinner party. The best part? It means there’s no need to accommodate houseguests following your celebration!

We love:

Mornington Peninsula Holiday Accommodation. Whether you’re looking for a private resort in Mount Eliza to sleep 10 guests or a family home in the sand dunes of St Andrew’s Beach, these guys have you covered. Learn more here: *insert link:*

Take home treats

Although our 3 course meals include a decadent dessert, a little take home treat never hurts! Personalised cookies are enjoying a surge in popularity right now and it is easy to understand why when you see what the Mornington Peninsula has to offer. Individually packaged and personalised for the occasion, cookies made here on the Peninsula are the sweetest way to say ‘Thanks for coming’ to your guests.

Take a bite out of:

Peninsula Cookie House. These cookies taste as good as they look. Choose from simple text stamped into the icing or go for some extra sparkly embellishments. The choice is yours! To take a look at the selection, visit: *insert link*

With a few clever Mornington Peninsula additions, your dinner party will create memories to last a life time. To get started on personalising your menu with our head chef, get in touch with Guy on *insert phone number* at your convenience.