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In home catering Mornington Peninsula

Forget DIY and Leave it to the Experts!

Some guys food

Planning an event on a budget?

There are a few clever tips and tricks you can utilise to make sure you don’t overspend. Approaching your styling with a minimalist mind set, choosing in-season flowers to decorate the tables and purchasing local wiane from the Mornington Peninsula can all help.

But one area that it doesn’t pay to cut corners is your catering. That’s why setting your budget and engaging Some Guy’s Food to take care of your in-home catering ensures an affordable event without the stress.  

Prep and planning

We’ll take care of all the prep and planning for you. There’s no running around, pulling sausage rolls out of the oven whilst trying to greet guests at the door.

We will be behind the scenes making sure everything is running smoothly so that you are free to spend time enjoying your event.

Some Guy’s Food will look after the shopping list so selecting what’s being served on the day is as easy as reading from our sample menus and adding your own twist!

Save time and energy and rest easy in the knowledge that our local supplies guarantee that the produce we use is fresh and delicious.


Guest experience/satisfaction

Remember those sausage rolls you were pulling out of the oven a moment ago? Well, when you hire an in-home caterer you are getting high quality food with a taste to match. Even an old-fashioned back yard BBQ is taken to the next level when we are in charge!

Forget having to store frozen food or create a meal from scratch, we’ll bring everything we need to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

Alcohol and empty stomachs

Drinking on an empty stomach is never going to end well. Ensure that all your guests are well fed-especially if you will be serving some of the gorgeous wines found here on the Mornington Peninsula. It can be easy to get carried away!

We’ll guide you in selecting how much food we’ll be serving so that each and every guest will satisfy their appetites.

Money saving tips

Now that you have your in-home catering sorted out, you can focus on the other elements of your event.

Here’s some money saving tips to help you stick to a budget when hosting an event at home:

  • Choose a theme early. Purchasing bits and pieces for your chosen theme as you see them on sale can be a quick and easy way to save money. Better still, why not borrow some popular items from family and friends instead of purchasing new? Reusing items gets a big tick from the environment too.

  • Bulk buy your wine. We are spoilt for choice on the Mornington Peninsula when it comes to wine. Consider bulk buying cases of locally produced wine to keep your costs down and ensure that you never run out.

  • Keep your styling to a minimum; let the food take centre stage. There is nothing more classic than a white table cloth, good quality dinner sets and a simple glass vase filled with Australian native flowers. A simple table allows the atmosphere to be created with wonderful conversation instead of busy decorations.

  • Let us do the cleaning up! We’ll leave your kitchen spotless and ensure there are no dishes left for you to do. That way, you can spend the day after your event concentrating on the week ahead rather than worrying about a messy kitchen.

Hosting an event at home need not be an exercise in blowing the budget. Choosing where to spend money and where to save can allow you to enjoy a memorable occasion without the worry of overspending. To learn more about Some Guy’s Food’s founder Guy Francis and why he’s so passionate about in-home dining, take a look at our About Us page.

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