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I hope to be cooking by Guy Francis in your kitchen.


From the moment I stepped into my first kitchen i was hooked! from the fast paced service to being able to create and experiment with food and taste. i found my passion in creating memorable  experiences for those dining in the restaurants I was working in.

10 years on and i have been lucky enough to receive a wealth of knowledge and training from some  of the best chefs in the industry such as Gary Mehigan and Jamie Oliver. In my 10 years of cooking I have realised that food is an experience and one to be shared with friends and family.

I have now been able to develop my passion of cooking into a dining experience like no other, were I get to teach and share my knowledge with everyday people in the convenience and comfort of their own home. 

If it is a Bucket list item you can now cross off your list or if you want to celebrate a special milestone with friends and family, our unique in home dining experiences are the way to go. 

Our aim is to create an affordable alternative to heading out to a restaurant while still enjoying the conveniences of not having to cook yourself and enjoyment of having your own personal chef and wait staff.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the experiences by Guy Francis offers to create lifetime memories with those near and dear to you all without even leaving the house!

Your Personal Chef 

Guy Francis by

Guy Francis


Per.Ch by Guy Francis is an experience like no other, designed by your Private Chef Guy Francis.

Per.Ch by Guy Francis will create an exclusive 3 course dinner in your home transforming your kitchen to a Restaurant, your dinner table in to a masterpiece and take your taste buds to heaven.

Per.Ch by Guy Francis will take care of every aspect of your dining experience including the Plates and Cutlery, Cleaning, Waitstaff, Private Chef and of course the Food. 

Per.Ch by Guy Francis is a Unique opportunity for us to bring the Restaurant to you, be social in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Start designing you Exclusive Per.Ch by Guy Francis experience by contacting Guy Francis now.


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