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Christmas Time, Food Ideas to Feed the Family!

With under 10 weeks until this magical day it is time to start thinking about what to feed the family.

An Aussie Christmas feast can range from a Honey Glazed Ham freshly carved at the table with the smell flowing through your home too fresh prawns dipped in your uncles famous cocktail sauce, a platter of local Cheese with an amazing seasonal tomato chutney too Pavlovas covered in poached stone fruit and whipped Chantilly cream.

Everyone has their own version of the Christmas lunch, but I am here to give you the Some Guys Food version. These are our must have components for Christmas, with out these Christmas just wouldn't be the same!

Number One is a little cheesy, but it is Family.

I speak from experience when I say Christmas is just not the same if you do not spend it with family and friends, I have not spent Christmas with my family for almost a decade. I have either been working on Christmas day or every day other or I was in a different state in Aus than my family. Food Just tastes better when you get to share it, when you sit around the table and hear your dad tell the same story you have all heard 20 times, it makes the day that little bit more special.

Number Two is the Glazed Ham.

It is not Christmas to me until the smell of a baked honey glazed ham fills the home and drags me to the table. I can not help my self but cut off a cheeky 'quality test' piece of the side of the ham, the sticky honey coating with the caramelised edges are all mine! You can carve some ham to have ready to go on the table for the Christmas lunch but the ham will always be in its rightful place at the centre of the table.

Number Three is the Pavlova.

What more do I need to say. The Pavlova is the corner stone of an Australian Christmas, covered in fresh strawberries, poached fruits, passion-fruit steeped down the sides, all with a good serve of whipped Chantilly cream. I mean if the Pavlova is reeeaaallllyyy not what you want, I guess you could go for a Plum Pudding with Brandy cream (if you have to).

We are looking to post some recipes, what would you love to know how to do for Christmas?

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