D.i.Y Catering? Here's How!

Catering for yourself

Let me start off by saying I 100% recommend finding a caterer to come in and help take the stress away from your celebrations, with an abundance of caterers throughout the peninsula you will be certain to find one within your budget!

In saying that, if you are a god in the kitchen and want to show off your culinary prowess I am here to help!

When I get organised for dinner or celebration with Some Guys Food I have a few things I make sure I know and a series job to check off my to-do list.

There are simple things to think about before the night, such as plates, cutlery, napkins, glasses, drinks, food, table and chairs, start time, finish time, menu, etc. Do not stress, though there is an easy and simple solution.

Write a plan for the night,

a timeline or an outline of what you have planned for the evening. Start from the morning from when you wake up until the guests have left. A plan will give you a realistic overview of what you have done and need to do. I have given you a rough template for you to get an idea of what I mean.

Date: Dinner Time:

Guests arriving: How many Guests:

How many Courses: When are they being served:******

Dietary Requirements:

What is on the menu;





Drinks: Glasses - Water/Wine/Beer:

What do you need to cook?

What do you need to buy?

What am I going to do for entertainment?


*I can send through a copy of this if you want, just shoot me an email.

Having a plan can take all the random tasks you need to do and make an itemised agenda for you to complete or delegate. I use this when I do my In-Home dining, to make sure the host knows what is coming, and I know what I need to do and when.

Note: Treat this as a guideline for the night, let the night flow and unfold.

Remember the Guests are there to spend time with you, make time in the night to spend it with them instead of spending the whole night in the kitchen. The experience of the night and the company will always be remembered more fondly than the food; your time is better spent talking and eating instead of cooking.

Some Guys Food uses 3 words to keep us on the right path.


the trick to keeping it simple is all about finding recipes and ingredients you are familiar with and adding in 'your' flavor or twist. Trying to cook three courses of food and sit down at each course with your guests is impossible if you are not comfortable.

Pick recipes that are 90% preparation and 10% on the night, all you need to do then is let the oven and stove do all the work for you!


I believe fresh is best, but fresh doesn't have to mean you bought it, cooked it, and served it all in one day. Give yourself a chance to succeed by buying, preparing, and cooking over a couple of days, produce such as Fish and seafood should always be purchased as close to the

dinner as possible.

Note: The last run for fisherman is Thursday or Friday morning, anything on the weekend has to be older than a day, be careful!


Delegate the cleaning, get everyone involved so you can get back to enjoying the night! If you have them around for dinner, I dare say they are going to be willing to do some dishes with you. Cleaning is necessary but enjoying the night is a non-negotiable, stack the dishwasher and then get to the rest tomorrow morning.

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