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Hire a Chef - Melbourne to Sorrento

Celebrating a birthday?

Here's 3 reasons to hire a chef in Melbourne

for the ultimate party experience

Spending your birthday with family and friends can be a wonderful way to mark a special occasion.

Sometimes though, bigger is not always better. Surrounding yourself with that close-knit group who are nearest and dearest to you and thanking them for their support and love, creates memories that will last a lifetime.

Hosting a gathering at home ensures you can relax and enjoy the company while Personal Chef Guy Francis, Chef and Owner of Some Guy’s Food, takes care of all the little details so that you don’t have to.

Here’s 3 of our favorite reasons to hire a chef in Melbourne for your next birthday party at home.

Give your guests a luxury experience that they’ll never forget.

A personalized menu, wine from the local region and a warm welcome as they enter your home ensures that your guests will soon be relaxing in great company. You will be able to host your guests and really enjoy the evening as you celebrate your special day.

Our personal staff will be there at your gatherings so that nothing is overlooked and your guests feel well taken care of.

In-home dining is an experience like no other; many of your friends may not have enjoyed the luxury of hiring a chef for a private gathering so the opulence is sure to leave a lasting impression as you all enjoy a one-of-a-kind party.

Take the stress out of the celebration, have the night off!

Give yourself the gift of time to spend with your loved ones. We take care of all the prep, cooking, serving and clean up so all that’s left for you to do is enjoy your night. Sometimes the stress of organizing a birthday party can really steal the joy of having people join you in your home.

Running back and forth to the kitchen, trying to make sure that picky eaters are satisfied, all while trying to introduce guests to each, other can be exhausting.

When Some Guy’s Food is taking care of the catering, you can be fully present and enjoy the luxury of in-home dining.. No more rushing to check the oven or leaving conversations half way through to hunt down the napkins. You’ll have the time and brain-space to enjoy the evening as much as your guests do.

All our clients are thrilled to have the dishes done and benches wiped down before we leave so that they can spend the following day relaxing and reflecting on a wonderful evening.

Experience a world class menu in the comfort of your own home.

Few things go as well together as food, wine and good friends. Creating an environment where your friends and family can relax and feel comfortable while enjoying outstanding food is a recipe for creating a priceless experience.

Visiting restaurants or getting together for a drink at a bar can become a little mundane-even with the great range of choice that Melbourne provides. In-home dining offers you all the convenience and quality of eating out but in an environment that you can control.

You pick the wine, music and table styling and Some Guy’s Food will take care of the rest.

Whether it’s a sophisticated 21st birthday or time to thank your inner circle for 60 years of friendship, hiring a chef for the occasion will ensure that it’s a birthday to remember.

If you’d like some more tips and tricks on planning a seamless birthday celebration at home, be sure to check out our other blog posts!

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