How did I become a Personal Chef?

Some Guys Food started from sheer boredom at work, no creative outlet with no career progression.

My career was on hold, and I wanted to make my own decision, make my food, and enjoy my concept of food. The joy I have from being able to write my menus and have my name connected to the food, I am proud for the first time in a very long time. Now to find some customers, I started by creating Social media and a website.

If you have worked in hospitality, you know how easy it is to become disconnected from the customers you have. I was suddenly in front of my customers, and it was up to me to impress, understand, and deliver for my clientele. So with no prior experience, I started to build 'Some Guys Food,' mainly to have the freedom, and a hobby for my spare time.

Although, as many of you will know, having a business is not something that should ever be a hobby or part-time, but I never expected it to be successful, but here we are. The first month I acquired a few functions for the next month, then the next month more events for the following month.

I had to step back and try and get my head around these people that wanted to eat my food, pay me to cook for them, this was very much a new concept for me to understand. I jumped at this opportunity and said yes to every event that came my way, despite working full-time as well.

The date is the 10th of December, and I am working about 80 hours a week between the business and full-time employment. Exhausted from the week gone by of work, I crawl into bed and wish I did not have to go in for my shift tomorrow. About 4 am I receive a text to say work has shut down, my first reaction is a silent smile, and I fell back asleep without a care.

On this day I had a choice to make, do I go and find full-time work or do I go all-in on Some Guys Food. All in it is, I am 25 at this time, no dependants, no loans, what is stopping me from running with this to see what I can achieve.

Why can't I make a name for myself, I can back myself to make something of myself, lets set the standard for personal catering and In-Home Dining in Mornington Peninsula.

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