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DIY Dinners by Some Guys Food

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We have all been resilient and patient through the Covid-19 restrictions which is worth congratulating in itself. But what have you had to sacrifice since March?

What have you given up to get this far? What did you miss celebrating? What are you about to miss out on celebrating?

We don’t want you to miss out on celebrating anything! Good week at work? Let’s celebrate your success! Tough week home-schooling? Let’s celebrate that you made it to the end of another week and that tiny human of yours may have just absorbed a little bit more knowledge this week!

Let's not forget the majors...Birthdays, Anniversaries, Would be Wedding dates. But let's celebrate the little things too...Why? Because you bloody well deserve too!!

How, you ask?...D.I.Y Dinners by Some Guys Food

If you haven’t had the chance to experience our private dinners before boy are you in for a treat! Our D.I.Y dinner is an exciting and unique opportunity to have an actual restaurant experience without having to leave the house. Stay in you pj's if you will...hell it's been done before! Our contactless drop off and pick ups offer a new stress free option to have an amazing and unique dinner without the added hassle of a

million and one dishes to clean up afterwards.

(We take care of that too).

So what is a D.I.Y Dinner by Some Guys Food?

First things first, you get to design your D.I.Y Dinner for yourself. Yep, no pre-set menu in sight! Choosing from some of our favourite and most popular Some Guys Food dishes is the hardest part of the whole process. Simply (if you can) select 2 entrees, 2 mains, and 1 dessert and your job is over halfway done.

Our Chef, Guy Francis then uses his 10+ years of experience to organise and prepare your chosen courses in our fully registered kitchen in Mornington (Some Guys Coffee).

We can cater for as little as 2 people so date night is about to reach a whole new level (maximum numbers dictated by current government restrictions). Your D.I.Y Dinner experience is then packed into easy to heat and serve containers with in depth instructions and picture guides so you know what you have and how you can serve it! It’s cooking without cooking!

What do I need to be able to have a D.I.Y Dinner by Some Guys Food at my house?

All you need is an oven, some basic cooking utensils, and some basic cooking skills (if you can boil some water you can prepare your D.I.Y Dinner) That is it! No need for fancy cooking equipment or the knife skills of Gordan Ramsey. We have already done the hard work for you.

What's included in a D.I.Y Dinner by Some Guys Food?

We want to create a new, unique and stress free experience which is why we are including even the small stuff! This puts our dining experience on another level to just ordering from a top restaurant for delivery to your door. Goodbye Menulog!

Of course, we will provide all of the amazing components to each of your dishes in food safe containers and oven trays. But there is so much more! We also provide you with your;

- entree and main plates

- cutlery and napkins

- personalised menus

- serving plates for each of the dishes in each course

- serving utensils, and

- step-by-step instructions to combine the components of each dish.

We also offer notes and suggestions on plating each dish to guide you the entire way.

As the saying goes...BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE...It gets even better when you have finished your dining experience and are so full you are about to burst you rinse your plates and put them straight back into the box they came in for us to clean!

We come back the following morning to pick up all the dirty dishes, just leave them by your door. We will collect everything to take back to our kitchen where they are sanitised and cleaned through our industrial dishwasher.

How and when can I organise a D.I.Y Dinner by Some Guys Food?

Contact us through Facebook, our web page contact form HERE or email to book in your dinner.

As for when, you can organise D.I.Y dinners delivered to your door for Dinner on Friday's, Saturday’s and Sunday’s. You just need your booking and menu confirmed to us by 12 Noon on Thursday so we can have time to freshly prepare you D.I.Y Dinner.

It honestly couldn't get any easier!

Awesome photo of the Boss Man (I might be a little bias)

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