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Summer is here and the Mornington Peninsula is alive!

From a girls' weekend away to the wedding of the year, a good caterer can make or break any celebration. But how do you find the perfect catering to impress and delight your guests?

With a quick google search, you could be bombarded with more catering options than you could ever need. So, sifting through each website is time-consuming and often overwhelming, which leads me to my first tip as a caterer:

Email, Call, Text, Smoke Signal, Page Etc. -

Make Contact!

We live in an age of technology, instant notifications, and replies. My biggest recommendation to you when finding a caterer is making an inquiry, you have thought about what you want, and when you want it. The caterer will be able to answer a lot of your questions quickly and in more depth than any social media or website will be able to!

As a caterer, I know people are often unsure about where to start and which questions to ask. Taking that first step and contacting the caterer, they will be able to tell you if they are available and give you a realistic view of what they can and can’t do.

This leads me into my next tip:

Rough information is all we need to start

A rough number of guests and a rough idea of what you want the catering style to be is all we need to start. A lot of caterers will confirm final numbers closer to the date, but rough numbers are enough at the start to get an idea about food and staff. Knowing the style of catering you would like e.g. Canapes, Sit Down, Platters, BBQ Etc. will give the caterer a feel for the style of event you want to hold. With these two bits of information, that can still change at any time, we could put together a quote for you that will give you an idea about the costs involved!

Note: The more precious information the better but caterers are always flexible.

Which Style of Catering? What works for me?

When I use the term ‘Style of Catering’ I mean;

Did you want to have finger food?

Did you want a BBQ menu?

Did you want a Buffet?

Did you want a sit-down lunch or dinner?

Did you want Platters?

Most people will have an idea of how they want their guests to enjoy the food at their celebration but can be quite unsure about where to start. My advice to you is asking to see the caterers menus, every caterer will have a library of sample menus in every style to send through to you. Seeing what is actually available to you can help rule out or narrow down the different possibilities.

Note: Any menu can change to suit dietary requirements and dislikes.

Taking the stress of feeding your guests by getting a caterer is important but, finding the right caterer for you is just as important! Check out our other tips for planning an event.

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