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What is In-Home Dining?

The most common conversation I have is;

what is in-home dining?

The basic answer is a 2 or 3-course dinner or lunch in your own home. My answer is oh so much longer, it is an experience, it is an excuse to enjoy, it is something to look forward to, it is on your bucket list, it is memories had and to be made, and it is an insight to the behind the scenes of how much work, blood, sweat, and tears go into dinner.

(not literal body fluids though...)

From the local roast butternut pumpkin w/ ancient grains and whipped goats curd to the drizzle of sweet salted caramel on top of a baked chocolate tart, you get to know, see, and be apart of as much as you want. As a personal chef providing in-home dining experiences to everyday people, I get to explain the food and the processes that go into every aspect of each course but I am also in front of the customers,

so if something isn’t right I can fix it and be held accountable my mistakes.

The whole experience is not just a dinner with a person in a chef’s jacket, it is a play by play of knowledge and theatre. From the endless crates of equipment, and containers of random food and seasoning streaming into your home kitchen. Then a decadent display of food arrives at your table for the first course, the excitement and the wow wash over you as the chef explains his dishes. You hear nothing, and then have to whisper between each other trying to figure out what the orange puree is on the bottom… never fear that is when your private chef can help answer all of the questions you have.

Once the whole night has been enjoyed by the guests and yourself, everything magically disappears and your kitchen is left spotless.

We are gone without a trace of the mayhem and culinary adventure that just took over your kitchen.

I have built Some Guys Food from the ground up, we are a catering company but we have built Some Guys Food on a foundation of providing amazing In-home dining experiences. You do not need to take my word for it, just check out our reviews on our home page

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