Why did I Choose to be a Chef?

By far the most asked question I get at every dining experience I hold and I will try my best to answer this question.

Through High school, I would attend with only ever having the intention of being an artist. I loved the ideology behind installation art and visual interactions. Once I realised that it was almost impossible to earn a living through that avenue, I started to think about what else I could do with my life.

I studied the bare minimum and graduated high school as an average C student, with my year 12 graduation certificate in hand, I worked in a kitchen as a kitchen hand. I had been working in kitchens, either fast food, pubs, restaurants, or butchers for about four years already. I did not want to work in kitchens all my life, and I wanted to wear beautiful clothes to work, and not have the smell of B.O and onions when I got home from work.

I moved out of home and in with my sister, then a series of events meant I walked out of my workplace as a kitchen hand. I was promised an apprenticeship in this pub, but the job went to a different kitchen hand.

I was not happy!

It was my job to scrub the grease and grime of the giant metal hoods once a week, so I decided to clean ' I Quit.' into the metal and walked out before any of the chefs arrived for the day.

Note: As excellent as I felt that day, I would never recommend you burn your bridges like that.

So here I am, with 'real' bills to pay for the first time in my life and no job!

I started to apply for everything from working in the post office to reception to golf courses and of course, kitchens. After about two weeks of non-stop interviews, phone calls, and emails, I landed a job in two different kitchens. One was as a Kitchen hand, and the other was as an apprentice chef, I had a choice to make, where am I going to be in ten years?

This decision was the moment I chose to be a chef; I could of quite easily taken the Kitchen Hand position, earn money, and had fun. I wanted something more, and I wanted to be a somebody in the industry with a name that people respected.

Taking a chance in life and rolling the dice on my work ethic, leads' me down the path I live now, and I wouldn't change a thing.

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